Garden City Rescue Mission is a ministry to the homeless men, women and children of Augusta , Georgia . Our primary purpose is to see these people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and be changed by His power. We realize that the only way to provide meaningful change in their lives is for them to experience a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ!

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Meeting Spiritual Needs

Our spiritual outreach is the most important part of our work here at the Garden City Rescue Mission. Every evening a time is set aside for those who are our guests to hear a solid presentation of the gospel. Also we provide personal counseling to anyone. When a decision for Christ is made, we then enroll the individual in a discipleship course to help encourage their spiritual growth.


Meeting Physical Needs

In providing for the spiritual needs of each individual we also do our best to meet their physical needs. Each individual that signs in to the mission receives a hot meal and a warm place to sleep, along with clean clothes and a shower. We believe that showing the love of Jesus Christ to EVERYONE is needful in the days in which we live.